Team Requirements

Online Team registration

To be eligible to play in UUDA and USAU Events, teams must have online rosters.  Here’s how:

  1. Create a USAU account, or login to your existing one
  2. Create a Team with Online Rostering*
  3. All youth teams must have a listed coach and cleared chaperone. See the Team Resources tab for more info.
  4. Register your team for a USAU Event

*For each event, the team manager must move players from the Team Roster into the Event Roster. Players must confirm at each step.  Confirmation is sent via email.  You will create an Event Roster for each separate USAU-sanctioned event.

All Players must be USAU members

  1. Create a USAU account, or login to your existing one
  2. To be listed on a roster, you must Pay a membership fee and sign the online waiver
  3. Send your USAU ID# to your team manager/coach for rostering
  4. Once a player is added to a team roster, the players must “Confirm” (via email) before the roster is set

Medical Authorization

  1. All players under the age of 18, must have a completed Medical Authorization Form on file with the coach or chaperone.
  2. The coach or chaperone MUST have access to these forms on site at ALL team events, in the case of an emergency.

Special Requests

  1. Request to Play on a Non-home School Team – High School players who’s home school does not have an ultimate team, and who wish to play for a different high school team.
  2. Request to Play Up – Middle School players who wish to “play up” onto a high school team.