2018 Utah High School Ultimate

Tournament Bids

Daweena – Boys High School

Bids are closed

  •  Coaches accepting bids will be sent a direct link from the USAU event by April 4, with an invitation to roster a team. A payment of $150 needs to be made via PayPal to pay@utahultimate.org by April 4 for those teams who have been invited to play.

High School States – Boys and Girls

  • Your teams can register through USAU anytime up until April 14. Boys states will be split into DI and DII based on season performance.

2018 Spring League

Girls and Boys High School Teams

Schedule and Results

Cost: $350 per team payable to UUDA via PayPal (pay@utahultimate.org) or check

Registration deadline: February 1, 2018

  • Register through USA Ultimate anytime up until Feb 1, 11:59pm
  • Boys teams should identify if they would like to be identified as DII. This is for new and developing teams who would like to play other DII-level teams for league games (there will be some crossover against DI teams so you know where you stand).

Roster deadline: March 8, 2018


  • Your team will be scheduled onto fields at set dates and times by UUDA’s Youth Sport Coordinator
  • Your team will be scheduled for 1 sanctioned league game each week from Mar 1-May 12 (weather permitting)
  • Your team will have a set schedule for the season that can be published, that identifies location, time, and scores
  • UUDA’s Youth Sport Coordinator will track score reporting and publish league updates each week.
  • Every league game counts toward establishing state ranking
    • Boy’s State Championships will be split into DI and DII (no regional championships), with no pool play – this is why every league and in-state tournament game matters!
  • Girl’s team fees now include a bid into the UUDA Women’s Classic, Apr 28.

UUDA Tournaments

We ask that all schools participating in a UUDA tournament have parents sign up for short volunteer stints at Frisbee Central or during set-up and tear-down. You can send parents to the following Google Sheet to sign up for tournament times:

Youth Tournament Volunteers

Season Overview

Feb 1 – League Team Fees Due to UUDA (valid rosters due Mar 1) – $350

Feb 1 – League D2 Opt-in (email youth@utahultimate.org)

Feb 15 – Adult supervisors complete a concussion program

Mar 1 – Start of HS and Middle School League Season

Mar 1 – Bids open for Daweena and for all state tournaments* – USAU

  • $150 for Daweena (high school boys) – closes Apr 4
  • $250 for high school states – closes Apr 14*
  • $150 for middle school states – closes Apr 14*

Mar 6 – Team logo and write-up to UUDA for press releases

Mar 8 – League Roster Deadline (at least 10 valid players and cleared chaperone)

[March 24 – Cache Valley Classic]

April 14 – Register for State (Boys and Girls) – USAU

[April 20-21 – Lone Peak Invite]

Apr 28 – UUDA Women’s Classic – no fee if team is playing league

May 4-5 – Daweena – bids open Mar 1 – $150

May 11-12- Middle School States – $150

May 11-12 – possible date of boys D2 states (waiting to confirm field space) – $250

May 18-19 – State (Boys and Girls) – $250

*UUDA understands there will confusion when registering for State on the boy’s side since you won’t know for sure in which division your team will be until the end of league. All teams can register under the DI States event on USAU and we will move teams into the correct division once we know seeding.