Team Resources

Athlete Safety

Keep Athletes Safe:

Coaching Minors

(under 18) – you must do the following in order to compete in a UUDA or USAU event:

    • Coach Membership – must be listed on the team’s roster as such
    • Background Check – all coaches and chaperones working with minors must have a background check
    • Medical Authorization forms – each player needs to have one these on file with the coach/chaperone and be present at all team events, in case of emergency


UUDA Coach Resources

November 2017 Coaches Meeting Slideshow

UUDA Coach Email Group

  • Sign up to be on this email group in order to stay in touch with UUDA organizers and other coaches

Youth Coach Listing

  • Google spreadsheet with coach/team contacts listed. Please update info for your team and coaches!

Field Reservations: Contacts

  • All known field contacts for field reservations. Please update with additional information to share with other teams

Spreadsheet Templates


1. Talk to the coach about how you can help. Create a parent leadership group. Talk to the coach first so that this is done as a partnership. Ask what the group can do to help.

2. Parent leadership organization Help organize many of the events that make a season special, such as:

  • Organize social events (team dinners, etc.)
  • Assist the coach by handling many of the off-field aspects (team photo, ordering jerseys, transportation, etc.)
  • Organize “extra” events that can help build the team (a potluck after the first practice, a parent/player hat tournament)
  • Engage in fundraising to help offset the costs of the team. Some examples may include hosting a charity auction, car wash, tournament, etc.

3. Become a USAU certified chaperone  At many youth events chaperones are required for teams with players under the age of 18. Become a USA Ultimate certified chaperone today!

4. Spread the word!  Encourage parents and spectators to come to games. Spread the word to the community, school principal, athletic director, neighbors, etc!  Here is a handout for parents to help know how to get involved!


USA Ultimate

Online Team registration

To be eligible to play in UUDA and USAU Events, teams must have online rosters.  Here’s how:

  1. Create a USAU account, or login to your existing one
  2. Create a Team with Online Rostering*
  3. All youth teams must have a listed coach and cleared chaperone.
  4. Register your team for a USAU Event

*For each event, the team manager must move players from the Team Roster into the Event Roster. Players must confirm at each step.  Confirmation is sent via email.  You will create an Event Roster for each separate USAU-sanctioned event.

All Players must be USAU members

  1. Create a USAU account, or login to your existing one
  2. To be listed on a roster, you must Pay a membership fee and sign the online waiver
  3. Send your USAU ID# to your team manager/coach for rostering
  4. Once a player is added to a team roster, the players must “Confirm” (via email) before the roster is set

Medical Authorization

  1. All players under the age of 18, must have a completed Medical Authorization Form on file with the coach or chaperone.
  2. The coach or chaperone MUST have access to these forms on site at ALL team events, in the case of an emergency.

We recommend COACHES bring the following to each practice:

  • Extra water
  • Cones
  • Discs
  • Whistle
  • Stop watch
  • white board / notebook with writing tools
  • First Aid Kit
  • Extra blanket + dry clothes for colder/wet months
  • A plan for the day’s practice

We recommend that ATHLETES bring the following to each practice:

  • Water
  • Discs
  • Cleats and Running Shoes
  • Dark and Light shirts (or jerseys)
  • Proper attire for the weather conditions (including sunscreen)
  • Any required medications for exercise (i.e. Albuterol for Asthma)
  • Snacks (granola bars, etc)
  • Their game face!