Pickup is a low stakes way to get to know more about the game, develop your skills and make lots of friends in the process. If you’re new to ultimate frisbee this is a great place to start for a casual introduction.

Below is a public listing of Ultimate pickup games in Utah, along with information about where and who organizes these games. Most pickup games are seasonal, so please check each description and email the appropriate contact to be sure games are being played. If you find an error in these listings, please help a fellow hucker out and take the time to edit them appropriately.

Feel free to add or edit the information posted here accurately. Please be respectful of other groups’ listings as they may hunt you down and publicly shame you (not really but why test them?). A full calendar is shown below. The listings can be edited by clicking here

Additional City Links

Some individuals have created websites dedicated to pick-up in their town. Check them out below for more information.

American Fork