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Sign up to become a UUDA Member!  Becoming a UUDA Member allows you to have your say in the direction of the organization.  Voting for board members will happen on December 8th 6:30pm at The Peery Hotel in the conference room on the bottom floor!

Peery Hotel
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A Letter from UUDA Board Member and Current Coach of BYU – Bryce Merrill


I’ve had a lot of thoughts bounce around in my head the last couple weeks regarding UUDA. I think its fantastic to see that the drive to improve the scene here in Utah is alive and well.
I just wrapped up with our UUDA board meeting. I shared some of my thoughts with them. We discussed a lot of what has been discussed here. A couple of notes:
Official Annual Community Meeting Thursday, December 8th downtown Salt Lake City at the Peery Hotel beginning at 6:30pm sharp.  More details forthcoming. Board member voting for 3/5 of the spots. This is important. This meeting will have an agenda and, while there will be some time allotted for community input, will be limited to official discussion on agenda items. Not an ideal public forum, IMHO. Or at least not an ideal first-look at a public comments and really helping form good ideas into great programs and practices.
I know we’ve gone back and forth on a less formal meeting on November 12th. Discussing with the board, however, I think it’d be a great idea to get together and bounce off each other some ideas, some concerns, and some actionable items moving forward. The items contained in the Action Plan are spot on. And I think continuing to flesh those out (with this meeting as a catalyst to further discussions) will better prepare us for a formal meeting on December 8th. More importantly, we’ll be bringing in 3 new board members–a new majority. That also includes the opportunity to be board president and vice president. If you want to make UUDA what you want it to be, this will be your chance, individually and collectively, to refine those ideas and pitch them to your community and let them vote on you/your ideas and decide if they want your vision of Utah Ultimate to be the vision of Utah Ultimate.
I plan to come to the November 12th meeting both as a 5 year board member of UUDA, but also as a club captain/player, college coach, high school coach, clinic organizer, tournament director, proponent of observers, player of city leagues, and as a member who has had a lot of frustrations with governing bodies in ultimate that lack communication skills. I think that nothing but good things can come from an informal discussion. I would hope we represent at this meeting the diversity of our community. It won’t do any good to only have our best club players in attendance. Or only savvy vets. Or only SLC people. That’d create our own echo chambers and reinforce our current frustrations. I’d love to see HS parents and HS players and Ogden pick up players. I’d love to have players who have been born out of the UUDA programs, and I’d love to have access to the opinions of players who’ve played in other outside organizations.
So, lets all help break down states on the 12th. Better yet, we’ll watch some mixed finals, and then break down states. And then we’ll gather nearby and share some ideas and concerns. No censoring–everything’s on the table. You want UUDA involved in Club? Lets talk about what we could do to make that happen. Want to understand the funding of UUDA and how you can benefit from it? Lets do it. Concerned about the constant asks from the club players to support the high school leagues with man hours without support in return? Amen.  Here here! Lets get that transaction process cleaned up and figured out.
Everyone agrees that Utah Ultimate is worth supporting–either by directing supporting UUDA or by supporting your local team/clinic/league. But aligning UUDA, an imperfect tool designed to further the platonic ideal of “Utah Ultimate” with our own individual vision of what we could be is tough. It’ll take a lot of really smart people in the room to make it happen.
I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, November 12th, immediately following the breakdown of HS mixed states. This meeting will be worth your time and mine. A shareable calendar invite, with RSVP, and an opportunity to submit discussion points will be forthcoming.
Catches and throws. World Peace through Ultimate. UUUPPPP.
*More information about High School Mixed State Champion can be found HERE
**UUDA Workshop will be held at Waterford School 1480 East 9400 South, Sandy, UT 84093
***UUDA Annual Community Meeting will be held on Thursday night December 8th, 2016 at 6:30pm located at the Peery Hotel 110 W Broadway, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
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Lost&Found – 2015 Spring Season – March – May 2015

These are lost and found items during the 2015 Spring season.  Basically from BYU invite through High School Boys State Championships.  There is some really nice stuff here…..claim your stuff.  If the disc is “up” its because there is no name on it.  BE SURE TO CHECK OUT LOST&FOUND IN THE TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER FOR ALL LOST AND FOUND ITEMS