Club Ultimate

The USA Ultimate Club Division consists of playing opportunities for non-school based play.  At the moment it is the highest form of ultimate frisbee played in the world.  Typically teams playing in the club division will travel the country playing in various tournaments of their own choosing.

Open Divisionthis division is technically “open” to all genders, but is mainly played by men.  Teams consist of 15-27 men with 7 players on the field at one time.

Powder Hogs

Top Utah Men’s open team from Salt Lake City.  Finished 4th at 2014 Northwest Regionals

Kill Joys

Top Men’s team in Provo.  Have existed for many years and has traveled all over the Big Sky Section

Old Ephraim

Newest Club team in Utah based out of Cache Valley, UT.   With Sky View high school winning the 2015 High School State Championships, there is a lot of promise in the area


Home of the Salt Lake Lions’ development club team in its 2nd year

Women’s Division – this division is only played by women athletes.  Teams will usually consist of 15-27 women with 7 women on the field at one time


Utah’s first women’s Club team in more than 15 years based out of Salt Lake City.

Coed Division – this division is played with men and women.  Typically tournaments are played with a 4/3 or 3/4 ration.

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Utah’s top Coed Club team based out of Salt Lake City