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High School Regions and States

On Friday and Saturday, May 12th-13th, 2017, 24 boys open high school ultimate frisbee teams will compete for a chance to play at the state championships.  Those teams will play at either the UUDA North Region Tournament or the UUDA South Region Tournament, based on the location of the school.  The North Region Tournament will take place at the Weber County Fairgrounds in Ogden, UT and the South Region will be played at Pleasant Grove Junior High in Pleasant Grove, UT.  The top 4 teams from each region will advance to the Boys Utah High School State Championship on May 19th-20th. Follow the links above to see schedule and results of each tournament.

The Boys and Girls High School State Championships will take place at Legacy Events Center in Farmington, UT, with the Finals of both divisions being played in the stadium at Corner Canyon High School, in Draper, UT starting at 5:30pm on Saturday, May 20th. Admission to all events is FREE.

Girls State Wrap-up

Day One: of the Girls State Championships got off to an electrifying start on Friday afternoon — quite literally! Pool play games were delayed until 4:30pm due to lightening in the area. However, this delay did not affect the level of play from all 8 high school teams from across the state of Utah (which grew from 4 teams last year). Teams traveled from Logan and Cedar City to compete in the state’s second annual championship.

Day Two: brought overcast skies and rain all day. Again, these female ultimate athletes powered through adverse weather conditions and amazing plays were made during the Championship bracket games. The finals pitted the top-seeded Lone Peak High School team against the overall fourth-seeded Salt Lake City Gorillaz, a team comprised of multiple high schools in the Salt Lake area. The finals was a hard-fought battle with both teams displaying expert defense and smart offensive plays. The game continued until a time cap was called, just as the rain was tapering off. Final score was Lone Peak 15, Gorillaz 11. Lone Peak High School was named Girl’s State Ultimate Champion for the second year in a row.

To get a full recap of scores, visit USAU here

Tournament Bracket PDF

2015 High School Girls States May 8th & 9th

Utah Ultimate High School State Championships – Girls Division

When: Friday and Saturday May 8th and 9th
Games begin Friday from 3:45pm-8:45pm.  Continue Saturday 9:00am-9:30am
Championship Game: Saturday May 9th at 2pm on field 2

Where:  Millcreek Activity Center
4405 S 1025 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84124
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1. Lone Peak A
2. Sky View
3. SLC Gorillaz
4. Timpview
5. Lone Peak B
6. Copper Hills
7. Bingham
8. Cedar

Up-to-date Scores and Schedule

Tournament packet

A Casual Read For HS Players: An Insider’s Take on the State of Ultimate in Utah

About the author: Tommy Newell, born and raised in SLC. Sports background: baseball, gymnastics, track.  Ultimate Experience: One year at Brighton High School. Four years for the University of Utah (currently captain).  Two seasons with Golden Spike (SLC Mixed Team). One season with Utah Powderhogs (Utah Elite Mens’ Club Team).

High School

Can you feel it? I’ve been where you all are right now, and the lead up to the Utah High School State Ultimate Championship Tournament is still one of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve had to date. Let me introduce you to the 2009-2010 Brighton High School Ultimate Team. This photo was taken on a very special day in my life. This was the first official game of ultimate that I had ever played.

Not to toot my own horn, but back in the day, we were the kings. Nobody could come close to beating us… Except Skyline. Every time we met had the same stupid ending… 15-7. 15-5. 15-7. But with the State Championship Tourney looming over us, we decided to work harder than any other team in the state. I’ll try not to bore you with details, but we found ourselves in the final against Skyline on top 12-9, game to 15 baby.
We lost…

And just like that, High School Ultimate was over for me. Not to go into too much detail, while silver never tasted so bad, that tournament and that game changed me and the way I look at sports forever. I think Layton Coach Matt Bybee put it beautifully when said “it doesn’t matter what the algorithms and statistics say, any team can put together a great string of games and win it all.” Thats why Ultimate is awesome. Anything can happen on any given day, and at the regional tournaments coming up next weekend, some teams will find this out the hard way just like I did. All I can say is enjoy these moments and soak everything in, because no matter what, you’re never going to get another chance to experience the unique camaraderie that is Utah High School Ultimate. Witnessing the evolution of the sport at the High School level has been truly inspiring to me. There isn’t a chance the team I once played on would qualify for the State Tournament, and trust me, it’s difficult to say that. The talent out there is spectacular, and it is a testament to the hard work you and your coaches put into improving your game. I won’t be around to witness the first two tournaments, but you can bet that I’ll be hootin’ and hollerin’ up a storm at States on May 16-17. I wish all of you the best of luck. Play for each other.


As a rival competitor, I’d like to congratulate BYU on their amazing season. They have accomplished a great deal as a program.

Now onto us and what’s coming up:
Utah will be traveling to Lynden, WA next weekend to compete for the one Northwest bid to Nationals… If you’ve never heard of Lynden, its because its as far as you can drive from Utah without actually being in Canada. The pools are up and we will be playing Washington, Puget Sound, Whitman, Boise State, and Idaho. Fighting with your backs against the wall is probably the most fun you can have playing ultimate, and the adrenaline high is surreal. We will be ready, and are going to show the Northwest what Utah Ultimate is all about. I may not be able to sleep for days…

On a completely different note, there are some things I want to say to HS seniors…

Times may have changed since I was in High School, but I doubt Ultimate has had much influence on where you decide to go to college. You’re not going to get a full ride scholarship because you have a sick IO flick or can hammer pull the entire length of the field. You’re probably going to go to school because of school.

I’m going to tell you something surprising. The University of Utah Ultimate Team hasn’t gotten a player from a Utah High School Team since 2011… Each year, we’ve been starting from scratch with a batch of players who have never played the game before. Yet year in and year out, our program finds a way to be one of the most competitive in the Big Sky Section. Our coaches are phenomenal and I can’t thank them enough for the work they do for us…However, having a group of players who have played competitive ultimate already would forever change our program.

Anyway, you have probably seen me or my teammates giving out sweet gear at tournaments lately. I’ll say that I’m a lot of things, but a liar is not one of them. The whole MVP thing is primarily a way to gain exposure for our team. I don’t plan on ‘luring’ kids into our program by giving out free stuff (it can’t hurt though),  I just want you all to know that we exist, and we know that you are our future. We care…

If you are going to the U and signing up for classes soon… Practice is Tuesday/Thursday from 4-6:30. Leave it open!!! Get in contact with me if you have questions. I love talking.

Tommy Newell (email: phone: 8016517339)


This is something all the young’ns need to learn about. Getting involved with the more mature players is the best way to step up your game. Honestly, I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for the awesome summer teams that are just dying for young talent to get involved. Knowing a little bit about the local history of your sport is never a bad idea, so here is a brief summary…

In the beginning, there was only club… I walked onto the scene here relatively recently and still don’t know the whole story. From what I can put together from the various stories I’ve been told:

  1. Utah Ultimate started with Persuader around 400 BC… Not much is known about this team other than they went to Worlds one year. A couple of their players still exist today but they are pretty much dormant.
  2. Golden Spike and Devastator: These two mixed teams evolved when the SLC Ultimate scene started to expand. I think the formation of the college teams sparked this to an extent.  I can’t really comment on Black Betty or Killjoys, because I haven’t been around them much. I’m sure someone can give a good story in the comments somewhere.
  3. Inversion/Powderhogs: Utah Ultimate is in flux right now with the massive growth in the HS and College scenes. It’s only natural that the Club scene had to expand also. Both teams made regionals and exceeded expectations their first year and have bigger plans for year 2… Take my advice and check them out.

Both Inversion and Powderhogs are about to get their seasons kicked off, so here is some info on each team:

Inversion: Tryouts will be April 22, 29 and May 6 (all Tuesdays), tentatively at Sugarhouse Park. You’re encouraged to come to as many of the tryouts as you can, since they are your chance to show us your skills and help us get to know you.

Everyone is welcome to join us for pickup games Wednesday evenings at Sugarhouse Park at 6. Spring has sprung, and it’s time to start playing outdoors again.

If you have any questions, please contact Craig ( or Mines (Ben,

Powderhogs: All the information that you could possibly want is online at PowderHog’s website. Get at it!


I said I might have time to talk about this and I guess I do, but I’ll keep it brief:

There is a pro team in Salt Lake City called the Lions. I went to the home opener and the environment was awesome. Personally, I am not the kind of guy to travel all the way to Vancouver or San Jose for one or two games. I also think Frisbee should be free to watch, but I recommend going out and seeing a game or two. I can’t really say more than that because I’ve put so much of my life into the HS/College/Club Scene. One can only do so much…

To wrap this whole thing up I just want to give out some last words of advice:

  • Have fun. This game is the coolest thing you’ll ever do, so get as much as you can out of it before you need to have a real life.
  • Play College Ultimate!!! There is no better way to make 40 friends for your entire life faster than showing up the first day of college ultimate practice… (Cough, Cough… 8/26/2014… Cough!  4 pm… Fort Douglas Field… [sneeze] University of Utah) Excuse me! I’ve been feeling a little sick lately.
  • Sign up for the Utah Summer Games!!!! ( Honestly, this was my favorite HS Ultimate memory… One last shot to play with Brighton. Go down with your team, stay in a hotel or the SUU Dorms (I think you can still do that) and just have fun. It’ll mean a lot to your seniors to go on a road trip. You may not see some of them again for quite a while.
  • Watch this clip (This is a video of the 2010 Finals I mentioned earlier, and see how much better teams are now than the best two were back then.)